Starting up a business in Singapore

Have you ever dreamt of working on a business of your own and calling yourself the managing director or the boss of the company?

Starting up a business is a tough journey but there are also many ways and many people that you could go to, to make this journey easier and also having a higher chance of success.

Singapore Start up have a slightly better time when it comes to raising money for their businesses, the government has been pushing for a great growth in the entrepreneurship field and this has caused a lot of funds to be placed aside for start-ups to tap on the grants to start off their business.

Singapore is also the financial centre for South East Asia and there are many private equity firms that are based in Singapore taking advantage of the low interest rates, investing in businesses that can help them to grow their wealth. Start up funding is very risky but there are also programmes that will tag the government together with private investors to put money into business so that they can grow to their full potential.

Singapore has also one of the easiest business operation steps. Accounting and tax laws are very easy to understand and there are minimal red tape when it comes to end of year filing. One to two thousand dollars are only needed for the annual fees for all the computation and compilation work and this is very little as compared to many other countries.

Singapore is also a place where you can take your company overseas. The Singapore government is now very keen in assisting Singapore in expanding overseas, so there would be more grants when it comes to an international company or a business build to go international from day one.

Starting up the business will only require you to have the names of the director and the shareholder and you can look for professionals who are knowledgeable in the works of incorporation, accounting and corporate secretarial to assist you with this works. For a small sum they will be able to cover the work for you so that you can have a peace of mind and you can focus on running and growing the business.

Singapore is also a great place to live and have fun, so if you are looking to come to Singapore, be sure to find a good location near your place to work and stay and have fun. Starting a business is tough and if you are able to join a networking group to have fellow friends in the starting up phase, you might find it easier for you to carry certain work out and in the end you may also find partners that can make your work a lot easier.

Singapore is the best place to start of your business now, do not miss out on all this opportunities, so if you are looking to found your startup in Singapore, do so now !

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