Safely And Effectively Treating Hemorrhoids While Pregnant

Hemorrhoids are actually quite common during a pregnancy, especially once a woman makes it into the third trimester. There are some women who may have never experienced hemorrhoids until they are pregnant. If you happen to have had them before becoming pregnant, the chances are very good that you will develop them again. There can also be a good chance that you will develop hemorrhoids as you go through the pushing stage of labor. For a lot of women, they can become quite a nuisance and a common complaint in the postpartum phase.

For a lot of women, hemorrhoids that come on during the pregnancy will start to resolve rather quickly just after delivery. The time that it takes them to go away can be a lot sooner if you are careful to keep from becoming constipated. This will mean making sure that you are eating a high fiber diet and drinking plenty of fluids so that you can stay properly hydrated. If you do happen to become constipated, just be sure that you talk with your physician about a stool softener or a fiber supplement that you can try.

For treatment of hemorrhoids while pregnant, make sure that you thoroughly clean the area after a bowel movement with a moistened tissue. If it helps, you can also try swabbing the area with a cotton ball or tissue that is doused in witch hazel to cool the inflamed tissues. You can also try to apply an ice pack to the affected area a few times a day to cut down on discomfort and swelling. Some women also get a great bit of relief from using alternating warm and cold treatments. I found this website quite helpful in deal with haemorrhoid treatment

Overall, it is going to be a matter of picking out the safest and most effective treatments that will be good for you while you are pregnant.

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