Looking for a wedding DJ?

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Are you still looking for a suitable round wedding DJ who listens to your preferences and interact with the guests? With us, you have direct contact with the wedding DJ at your wedding party will make. So you can properly convey the music preferences and the wedding DJ knows exactly what he has to do. In addition to this unique approach, we offer exclusive DJ shows that completely adaptable to your needs and we carry marry the label. The hallmark marry stands for reliable, innovative and professional companies in the wedding industry. Check out our wedding DJ shows below. For more information you can always contact.
Due to our 5 year anniversary get a dj show booking for January, February and March a dinner for two gift!

Why 17 Sounds?

Direct contact with the wedding DJ
Exclusive DJ Shows
Bearer Hallmark Wedding
Always have the security of a backup wedding DJ
An experienced wedding DJ round
Free free consultation
Al V. A. € 499, – all-in
Several demo days throughout the country

Personal method

We place great value on a personal approach. This means that you have a free introductory meeting with us, where we discuss all your wishes. Think of music wishes and desires regarding the look of the show. During this interview, we are happy to share our experiences and we gladly provide you with tips and new inspirations. Get through this interview both you and we are not any surprises on the big day! Knowing what an interview exact content? Read more on our blog: the interview


Wedding DJ with saxophonist

Not sure yet between a band or DJ? Very popular at the moment is the wedding DJ with saxophonist. Hereby saxophonist plays on the music played by the wedding DJ. The wireless strengthening the saxophonist he can go wherever he wants. Soon it will become clear that he has a lot of interaction with your friends and familly on the dance floor. The addition of saxophonist makes sure your guests get even more sense to dance. So read more about the wedding DJ with saxophonist and watch the movie.

Hallmark Wedding

Since 2013, we married a proud bearer of the seal of the Dutch Wedding Industry organization. The hallmark marry stands for professionalism, innovation and reliability. Holders of the label are tested annually by an independent research to ensure that only the best companies carry the label. We are proud that we have passed this test with ease!

Customers tell

If you were wondering what previous couples of us? View our customers tell page. Customers tell sends our behalf after the wedding couples to a short questionnaire to ensure that we get good feedback on our services. Let us convince you soon!
If you want to book us and have a blast at your party, do not hesitate to book us at the following website. Do leave a comment in the guestsection!
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