KroyBikroy is the best classified website in Bangladesh

The name of the co-founder of KroyBikroy is Masumul Huq. He has launched KroyBikroy in 2009. Yet you don’t know that, KroyBikroy is the first classified website in Bangladesh. Let me show you how it has worked for people and how you should use properly KroyBikroy. KroyBikroy .com is a classified website in Bangladesh where you can buy or sell old or used products. Thousands of people daily visit and if you post a ad about your product on then all of them can view it and if you found anyone interested about your product then easily you can sell your product.

After publishing this free classified website the co-founder of this site started marketing with various kinds of ways. After a year of hardworking this site becomes profitable source to earn money though online. Since last three years this is quite a big profitable earning source for the co-founder. You know, these kinds of classified sites earn though online ad system, google ad etc. For his hard working and great thinking you can say now he is a success business man. This isn’t uncommon and I’ve seen these kind similar sites to earn bigger amount of dollar.

After three years, now there are so many similar sites which are also popular. This becomes quite a big problem to kroy bikroy because they’re marketing about thousands of dollar per day. However, kroybikroy still getting over 20 lacks visitor per month and you know there’re also over 20 thousands registered members. And another interesting thing is they’ve over 15 thousands active facebook fan members. is quite different than other similar websites in Bangladesh. First thing is, if you want you can share a link of your ad, I mean your product. For an example, you can create a free site where you’ve explained more about your product. And the second thing is, if you want you can also share a video of your product. You can upload your videos on youtube and use that on

Last time, I’ve sold out my own mobile phone on It was a great experience for me and you know, it takes only a day. I’m just surprised and really it has thousands of visitors per day. Look at your around and try to sell old goodies or exchange with new on I promise you’ll enjoy this. This is a full free classified site where you can create an account and post any kind of ads freely. also share their product on facebook fan page, this should help you more to enjoy it.

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