How To Make A Girl Obsessed?

Now that you have gotten her attention, how do you keep her interested? It’s simple, get her obsessed. Ensure that you are among the top things in her priority list. The question now becomes, how do you get a girl obsessed? It was hard enough getting her attention right? In the e-book The Obsession Formula, Adam Lyons helps one figure out how to get your girl stuck in a loop of obsession with you being at the center of it.

1. Learn What Makes Her Obsessed?

Different women are intrigued by different things. Finding out what these things are can assist you in luring her in and keeping her there. To assist you, Adam Lyon offers guidance on what turns women on. He also, through a video tutorial explains various scientifically proven facts and theories about women that are sure to get your girl obsessed with you.

2. Apply the Obsession Formula

Adam Lyon gives a clear description of the obsession formula at the very beginning of the book. This assists one to familiarize themselves with the book from the get go. Once you’ve discovered what makes her obsessed, it’s not time to apply it. To avoid chances of rejection, try following the books guidelines and facts while adding a little of your own personality in the mix. Personality is important because if it’s too memorized, she will catch on to you and its game over.

3. Use of Temptation

Now that you know what makes this woman tick, it’s time to get her wanting you. Let her be so lost in you that she creates her own little fantasizes of having you. The book talks about the the theory of temptation fantasy. It outlines the theory in two sections, the first introducing you to the theory while the second shows you how to apply it. Adam Lyon also includes a few examples of famous individuals who have tried out the theory with great success to further legitimize The Obsession Formula.

4. Let Her Chase You

Once you have laid the basis of interest and intrigue, take a step back, relax and let her chase you. The only way to know if a girl is on the verge of obsession is to see if she thinks you worth the chase. Another theory included in the book is the theory of the chasing fantasy. Using ten easy steps, the book guides the reader on how to get your dream girl so interested that she will start chasing after you.

5. Ensure She is Devoted to You

The true measure of a girl’s obsession is her amount of devotion to you. The lengths she is willing to go to for you. At this stage, the book merely guides you on how to note screw up. You’ve already gotten her interested, the next step is to actually keep her around. Any woman is willing to be devoted to a man who is devoted to her. Adam Lyon teaches men how to get women to stay in love with them while still being faithful by triggering release of certain chemicals and hormones in them.

This book is truly an entertaining read. It is a good guide to getting a girl to be obsessed with you.

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