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Is it really that easy to find and book a cheap flight? If you ever searched for flight deals, you know that finding the really cheap flight deals are like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily there are a few tips and tricks a traveler can apply for in order to save money on the flight tickets.

  1. Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates

Being flexible with your travel dates can save you tens maybe hundreds of dollars. Flight ticket prices vary depending on the day, week and month of travel and upcoming holidays such as Thanksgiving, Easter or Christmas can have a huge impact on airline ticket prices.

Generally flying during the middle of the week is cheaper than on a weekend, this is due to the fact that most people travel on the weekends, so the higher the demand the higher the prices. You can also catch great flight deals right after a major holiday. You also might want to consider waking up earlier as Early-morning flights as well as late-night flights are cheaper because they are less popular among travelers. Before you book your flight, make sure you check other dates so you can pick the cheapest day.

  1. Book Early, But Not Too Early

The closer to the date of flight the higher the price, airline fares tend to keep rising when closer to the date of travel. There is a spot however when the airlines, based on demand, begin to either lower or increase fares. Don’t wait until the last second but neither book far, far in advance. According to the best booking window is six to eight weeks before your flight, or around three months before if you are going to your destination during peak season.

  1. Fly with Budget Carriers

Budget airlines are taking over and lately they been introducing long-haul routes as well. Travelers can enjoy some great deals if they choose to fly with a low cost airline, but don’t mind the lack of comfort and the services of the traditional airline companies.

  1. Try Alternative Routes

Although the traditional route may be faster its not always the cheapest, sometimes a detour can save you a lot of money. Sometimes being flexible with the route can make your flight a lot cheaper for instance if you fly from the east coast to Amsterdam, a direct flight would cost more than if you fly to London and then take a budget airline to Amsterdam.

  1. Clean your browser cookies

You might find that after several searches for the same flight on the same website, the prices rise within minutes or by the hour. This motivates a lot of travelers to book as they don’t want to pay a higher price. Don’t panic! It may sound weird but sometimes cleaning your web browsers cookies and searching for that flight again will show you the lower price again. Although this is a very effective method it’s not always working and not for all sites, but it takes less than a minute to find out and pay less.

  1. Compare Flight Deals

Make sure you check a few sites before you book your flight, if you need help there are websites that will compare flight deals for you. Sometimes the same flight ticket for the same route can cost 10-20% less with a different vendor. Sites like, help travelers search and compare flight deals and make the right decision before the booking.

So it’s not hard to find cheap flights you just need to look in the right spots and know a few trick and tips, if you keep these in mind you will surely save a few bucks on your next flight.

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